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    Gabi -Tallit and Tefillin Bag


    The angel Gabriel, one of the four angels standing at the Heavenly Throne and a messenger in G-d’s service. He is said to constantly sing songs of thanks and praise.

    The Gabi bag will be your fashion statement for years to come. Always admired by others, and appreciated by you. Under your arm, or over your shoulder, for that unique blend of tradition and current style.


    • 100% pure Italian leather
    • 100% pure cotton lining
    • 2 metal D rings for bag strap
    • YKK zip
    • Embroidered cotton band
    • Tallit bag size 37×27 cm
    • Tefillin bag size 26×21 cm


    Look After Me

    Your bag is made of 100% Italian leather. We want you to enjoy your bag for years to come.

    That’s why we recommend keeping your bag away from water, chemicals and manufactured wipes.

    Please use only those products intended specifically for cleaning leather. Keep your bag away from fabrics that may lose color, such as jeans.


    We provide 2-year guarantee on stitching, zips and accessories. We are not responsible for natural wear and tear or change of color over time.


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