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    Dave- Tallit and Tefillin Bag


    David ben-Yishai, none other than David son of Jesse, a shepherd, youngest in a large family of redheads, who became king of Israel, founding a dynasty that ruled the Kingdom of Judah for some 420 years. His renown came as a lad for winning the battle against the Philistine giant, Goliath, and later for authoring Psalms.

    Like David the King, the Dave bag is the epitome of integrity and class. This bag’s styling is regal, its functionality long lasting.


    • Kokashi Fabric
    • 50% Polyamide 50% Cotton
    • 100% pure cotton lining
    • 2 metal D rings for bag strap
    • YKK zip
    • Tallit bag size 37×27 cm
    • Tefillin bag size 26×21 cm


    Look After Me

    Clean your bag with a baby wipe or hand wash in cold water and hang to dry in the shade.


    We provide 2-year guarantee on stitching, zips and accessories.

    We are not responsible for natural wear and tear or change of color over time.


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