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    Bezalel – Tallit and Tefillin Bag


    Bezalel Ben Uri was the first designer and architect in the world. At G-d’s command, Bezalel was put in charge of planning, styling and structuring the Mishkan (Tabernacle) and all its accessories at a tender 13 years old.  He is mentioned in Scriptures as having great wisdom, alluded to in his name, which is a combination of two words: Batzel-E’l, in the shadow of G-d.

    Whether you’re a designer, architect, artist or artisan, or just someone who loves beautiful items, the Bezalel bag is perfect for you, beautifully designed and constructed.


    • Kokashi Fabric
    • 50% Polyamide 50% Cotton
    • 100% pure cotton lining
    • 2 metal D rings for bag strap
    • YKK zip
    • Tallit bag size 37×27 cm3
    • Tefillin bag size 26×21 cm



    Look After Me

    Clean your bag with a baby wipe or hand wash in cold water and hang to dry in the shade.


    We provide 2-year guarantee on stitching, zips and accessories.

    We are not responsible for natural wear and tear or change of color over time.


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