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    Premium Bar Mitzvah Set- Sefardi script


    This is one of the most important occasions in the Jewish life cycle, both religiously but also socially. Who doesn’t remember their speech years later? But others remember your look!

    The tate Bar Mitzvah Set is unique and will ensure you’re ready to become a Bar Mitzvah in great style.


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    This Eastern Bar Mitzvah Set includes-

    • Extra-fine tefillin, “Behema Gasa” in Sefardi script
    • Acrylic tallit, size 45, blue with silver stripes, by Tallitanya
    • Kippah (Yarmulka)
    • Siddur

    The tefillin comes with kosher certification and has been both machine checked and checked by a certified reviewer from the Scribes Institute.

    The tefillin straps are long enough to suit a bar mitzvah boy and follow him into adulthood.

    Prior to ordering please be sure to advise whether the bar mitzvah boy is left or right handed.

    Look After Me

    Tefillin are made of leather and therefore sensitive to moisture, knocks and strikes, exposure to sunlight, and changes in temperature between heat and cold.

    To clean your tallit, we recommend dry cleaning or careful hand cleaning.

    Do not dry your tallit out under direct sunlight, which can cause them to yellow.


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