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The charge will be automatically applied when the order process is completed.
Completion of the process is subject to receipt of approval from the credit card company for the execution of the charge.
If the transaction is not approved, you will be notified when browsing the site.

We are not responsible for the natural wear and tear of the skin and its variations over time.

What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please contact customer service by email- [email protected] or phone number-

What do I do if I want to change an address in my order?

To change the address please contact customer service by email – [email protected] or phone number –

I did not receive confirmation of my purchase, what do I do?

If the automatic confirmation is not received within 48 hours from the time the order is confirmed, please contact our customer service:
[email protected] Tel: 03-5251800

What is the Wish List?

The Wish List is a function on the site that allows you to create a list of items you love. The list will be saved and you can share it with friends and make the purchase at the time that works best for you.

What are the payment options on the site?

Visa, Visa, Leumi, MasterCard, Isracard and American Express cards and PayPal can be paid with credit cards.

Can I pay on the site in installments?

Yes, you can buy in installments, without interest. Payment options: Up to 2 payments for purchases over $ 300 to $ 3 for purchases over $ 500 to $ 4 for purchases over $ 200.

Is the tzitzit shirt properly made?

The shirt is made with a properly open majority with fasteners or zippers on the sides that allow easy closure.
The blouse comes with threads in machine-made work by the Badatz and the ultra-Orthodox community, which are attached by Jews who observe Torah and mitzvot.Rabbi Yosef Simcha Ginzburg explains the mitzvah of tzitzis using a tzitzit shirt:
http: // www Magazines / Article.asp? ArticleID = 3642 & amp; CategoryID = 932

How to wash a tzitzit shirt?

To keep threads from getting tangled, we recommend putting them in a “tassel shield” and using a program suitable for wool or a delicate program.

Where are our products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in Israel and are blue and white products.

Is there a responsibility for the tallit and tefillin bags?

We provide our customers with 24-month warranty on stitches, zippers and accessories. We are not responsible for the natural wear and tear of the skin and its variations over time.