TA·TÈ. A brand infused with respect and love for Jewish tradition merged with fresh new concepts in fashion.

Our value statement: letting faith shine through… because each person perceives faith differently. This encounter between innovation and fashion creates designs imbued with meaning and sensitivity, and a style like no other.

Our unique designs are the outcome of an ongoing journey by TaTe’s head designer, Yaki (Yakov) Dolf. Yaki breaks stereotypes by integrating his religious and spiritual lifestyle with the throbbing life style of metropolitan Tel Aviv. His experience in leading chains locally and internationally led to the birth of his vision, manifesting in the products presented here.

These are prestigious items produced from the best raw materials and displaying current fashion trends.

We hope you enjoy this merger between tradition, values and style. We believe you’ll find the prefect item to express your own beliefs and faith.

Wrap yourself in faith with love.